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Split inline scripts from an HTML file for CSP compliance


Command line usage:

cat index.html | crisper -h build.html -j build.js
crisper --source index.html --html build.html --js build.js
crisper --html build.html --js build.js index.html

The output html file will load the output js file at the top of <head> with a <script defer> element.

Optional Flags:

  • --script-in-head=false
    • In the output HTML file, place the script at the end of <body>
    • Note: Only use this if you need document.write support.
  • --only-split
    • Do not write a <script> tag in the output HTML file.
  • --always-write-script
    • Always create a .js file, even without any <script> elements.
  • --csp-hashable-script-loader
    • Create a hashable script loader that supports hash-based CSP with strict-dynamic.
    • A strict CSP could look like this:
    script-src 'strict-dynamic' 'sha256-mUZwR5zj1qMvnzisSvfmC8JczLB0BUKW0Ohr3euDoIA=';
    object-src 'none';
    base-uri 'self';
  • -v | --version
    • Prints version number.

Library usage:

var output = crisper({
  source: 'source HTML string',
  jsFileName: 'output js file name.js',
  scriptInHead: true, //default true
  onlySplit: false, // default false
  alwaysWriteScript: false // default false
fs.writeFile(htmlOutputFileName, output.html, 'utf-8', ...);
fs.writeFile(jsOutputFileName, output.js, 'utf-8', ...);

Usage with Vulcanize

When using vulcanize, crisper can handle the html string output directly and write the CSP separated files on the command line

vulcanize index.html --inline-script | crisper --html build.html --js build.js

Or programmatically

vulcanize.process('index.html', function(err, cb) {
  if (err) {
    return cb(err);
  } else {
    var out = crisper({
      source: html,
      jsFileName: 'name of js file.js',
      scriptInHead: true, // default true
      onlySplit: false, // default false
      alwaysWriteScript: false //default false
    cb(null, out.html, out.js);

Breaking Changes from 1.x

  • Deprecated split API was removed
    • require('crisper').split()
  • Default value of script-in-head flag changed to true
    • This improves load performance by parallelizing HTML and script parsing
    • This will break document.write calls
    • If you experience problems, you can use --script-in-head=false argument or scriptInHead: false in library usage.

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