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Ports/Patches of fabric mods that make them work fully server side

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  1. cc-restitched cc-restitched Public archive

    Forked from cc-tweaked/cc-restitched

    Moved to | [Mojmap warning] ComputerCraft, but on fabric and server side

    Java 28 1

  2. FabricWaystones FabricWaystones Public

    Forked from LordDeatHunter/FabricWaystones

    A Fabric mod for Minecraft that adds waystones - a new way of transportation, that let you teleport from one discovered waystone to another.

    Java 11 8

  3. trinkets trinkets Public

    Forked from emilyploszaj/trinkets

    A data-driven accessory mod and API for Minecraft using Fabric.

    Java 10 4

  4. cc-tweaked-patch cc-tweaked-patch Public

    Java 4 2

  5. anshar-patch anshar-patch Public

    Polymer Patch for the Anshar mod by hama Industries

    Java 3


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