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The following sections explain the details for each endpoints:

Note: In most of the time, users don't need to access the API endpoints directly. They can interact with them via CLI.

Endpoint Authorization

Each endpoint is defined with certain access authorization. Following are the authorizations available in the API:

  • ProjectAccess: The user is a member in the current project, regardless of its role
  • ProjectOwnerAccess: The user is a member with Owner role in the current project
  • ProjectMaintainerAccess: The user is a member with Maintainer or higher role in the current project
  • ProjectContributorAccess: The user is a member with Contributor or higher role in the current project
  • ProjectMemberAccess: The user is a member in the current project
  • UserRoleAdminAccess: The user have an Administrator user role
  • UserRoleBasicAccess: The user have Basic user role or higher
  • UserRoleGuestAccess: The user have Guest user role or higher
  • UserRoleEngineAccess: The endpoint can only be invoked by catapult engine
  • Authenticated: The request to the API require any authenticated user
  • Anonymous: The endpoint does not require authentication

Further Reference

A more detailed documentation about each endpoints request and response is available within API's swagger page. Simply open the API base url in the browser to navigate the the swagger page.

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