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with GSUB

A brief explanation:

These three files are the most current "working" CFF and OTF fonts based on the work on this page. They are unlikely to work "as fonts", although they should work as webfonts. They should all validate through tx, TTX, and Microsoft's "Font Validator" utilities.

These files are auto-generated through the "compile.js" script in the base dir. Run with $> node compile to generate a fresh set of font files.

Files provided:

customfont.cff - CFF-only data block customfont.otf - OpenType font with embedded CFF data block customfont.ttx - The .otf unpacked to human-readable XML by TTX customfont.woff - WOFF-wrapped version of Customfont.otf test.html - a test page that tries to apply the .otf and .woff

The "with GSUB" dir contains the same files as generated with GSUB ligature substitution baked in; the font does not implement outlines for the ligature's component glyphs, but implements the ligature glyph, and the rules for performing the ligature substitution.

Legal nonsense:

For those burdened by lawyers, these fonts are license-free, and supplied as-is. I am not responsibility for what you do with these files, or what that leads to. Although I might like to know about it if you do something particularly cool with them.

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