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* Tracking interactors etc. track any
* Actor(s) in the level, provided they
* are within tracking distance.
interface Tracker {
void track(Actor actor, float vx, float vy, float vw, float vh);
* Objects that implement the tracking interface
* can make use of a GenericTracker object to do
* the tracking for them, or they can implement
* their own, more specific, tracking algorithm.
static class GenericTracker {
* the generic tracking algorithm simply checks
* in which direction we must move in order to
* get closer to the prey. We then try to move
* in that direction using an impulse.
static void track(Positionable hunter, Positionable prey, float speed) {
float x1=prey.x, y1=prey.y, x2=hunter.x, y2=hunter.y;
float angle = atan2(y2-y1, x2-x1);
if(angle<0) { angle += 2*PI; }
float ix = -cos(angle);
float iy = -sin(angle);
hunter.addImpulse(speed*ix, speed*iy);