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An addin for Visual Studio which causes the documents to be reformated on save
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Keeping code formatted the easy way

If you’re like me, you prefer to have your code tidy, and being a lazy guy, you have defined a ReSharper Code Cleanup template. The problem however, is that you might forget to run the Code Cleanup command every time you change the file. So I decided to go ahead and automate that by building a Visual Studio extension which will run the Silent Code Cleanup command every time a file in a solution is saved.

Installing ReSharper.AutoFormatOnSave via Visual Studio Extension Manager

The profile to use is defined in the box signaled below (ReSharper 6.1 shown here):

Choosing a default code format profile in ReSharper

The addin should be compatible with Visual Studio 2010 or later as well as any version of ReSharper.

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