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  1. Pompe-HS Pompe-HS Public

    Pompe implementation based on HotStuff

    Shell 16 3

  2. libhotstuff libhotstuff Public

    Forked from hot-stuff/libhotstuff

    A general-purpose BFT state machine replication library with modularity and simplicity, suitable for building hybrid consensus cryptocurrencies.

    C++ 4 1

  3. Pompe-C Pompe-C Public

    Pompe implementation based on Concord

    1 1

  4. concord-bft concord-bft Public

    Forked from MaggieQi/concord-bft

    Concord byzantine fault tolerant state machine replication library

    C++ 2

  5. secp256k1 secp256k1 Public

    Forked from bitcoin-core/secp256k1

    Optimized C library for EC operations on curve secp256k1



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