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GNUCash is opensource accounting software.

This requires the following additional software, and it is suggested
that you build them in this order:

  slib libofx ORBit2 GConf libtasn1 gnome-keyring gnome-mime-data libbonobo
  gnome-vfs libgnomecanvas libgnome libbonoboui libgnomeui libgnomecups
  libgnomeprint libgnomeprintui gtkhtml goffice

Building the deps in the order listed above should give the desired results.

if you want the new webkit report rendering integration, you must 
first have webkit installed, and then pass the WEBKIT=true flag.

if you want the new SQL database integration, you must first have libdbi 
and libdbi-drivers installed, and then pass the DBI=true flag.

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