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configuring the current repository with sbopkg

Matteo Bernardini edited this page Dec 21, 2017 · 22 revisions

Thanks to slakmagik, since march 2011, this git repository is included in the default sbopkg set \o/

you can use it on -current setting these two variables in /etc/sbopkg/sbopkg.conf



then run sbopkg with the '-r' (remote sync) flag.

If you want to use it temporarly while having another default repository

sbopkg -V SBo-git/current -r

sbopkg -V SBo-git/current -i my_package_or_queue

would do.


the "current" branch gets deleted and re-created on every global merge, rebasing the modifications on the newer master, and this can confuse git a little so, for every new sync don't just launch "sbopkg -r" but

rm -fR /var/lib/sbopkg/SBo-git

sbopkg -r

(tnx to idlemoor for the setup instructions and to slakmagik for the cli hints )

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