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12 Factor Application Demo

This is the demo repository to go along with my NDC Oslo 2018 talk "12 Factor Microservices". The slides are available here (press S to get speaker notes!)


If you want to run this, you really need Docker installed. I've tested this under git-for-window's bash prompt using Docker For Windows (Hyper-V).

  1. Run ./tools/
  2. Open a Windows command prompt, and run run.bat
    You have to run it from windows cmd as there seems to be a line-ending issue when piping output from dotnet -> filebeat under git bash.
  3. back in Bash, send an api request:
curl -X POST --data '{}' http://localhost:5000/events/store
  1. open Kibana (http://localhost:5601) and check out your logs!
  2. When you're done, run ./tools/


There is a branch for the addition of each factor (which has valid code changes.) You can run this to see the relevant branches:

git branch -a | grep factor-