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App Store Connect Api

This is a Python wrapper around the Apple App Store Api :

So far, it handles token generation / expiration, methods for listing resources and downloading reports.



The project is published on PyPI, install with:

pip install appstoreconnect


Please follow instructions on Apple documentation on how to generate an API key.

With your key ID, key file (you can either pass the path to the file or the content of it as a string) and issuer ID create a new API instance:

from appstoreconnect import Api, UserRole
api = Api(key_id, path_to_key_file, issuer_id)

# use a proxy
api = Api(key_id, path_to_key_file, issuer_id, proxy='')

# set a timeout (in seconds) for requests
api = Api(key_id, path_to_key_file, issuer_id, timeout=42)

Here are a few examples of API usage. For a complete list of available methods please see

# list all apps
apps = api.list_apps()
for app in apps:
    print(, app.sku)

# sort resources
apps = api.list_apps(sort='name')

# filter apps
apps = api.list_apps(filters={'sku': 'DINORUSH', 'name': 'Dino Rush'})
print("%d apps found" % len(apps))

# read app information
app = api.read_app_information('1308363336')
print(, app.sku, app.bundleId)

# get a related resource
for group in app.betaGroups():

# list bundle ids
for bundle_id in api.list_bundle_ids():

# list certificates
for certificate in api.list_certificates():

# modify a user
user = api.list_users(filters={'username': ''})[0]
api.modify_user_account(user, roles=[UserRole.FINANCE, UserRole.ACCESS_TO_REPORTS])
# download sales report
    filters={'vendorNumber': '123456789', 'frequency': 'WEEKLY', 'reportDate': '2019-06-09'}, save_to='report.csv')

# download finance report
api.download_finance_reports(filters={'vendorNumber': '123456789', 'reportDate': '2019-06'}, save_to='finance.csv')

Define a timeout (in seconds) after which an exception is raised if no response is received.

api = Api(key_id, path_to_key_file, issuer_id, timeout=30)

APIError: Read timeout after 30 seconds

Please note this is a work in progress, API is subject to change between versions.

Anonymous data collection

Starting with version 0.8.0 this library anonymously collects its usage to help better improve its development. What we collect is:

  • a SHA1 hash of the issuer_id
  • the OS and Python version used
  • which enpoints had been used

You can review the source code

If you feel uncomfortable with it you can completely opt-out by initliazing the API with:

api = Api(key_id, path_to_key_file, issuer_id, submit_stats=False)

The is also an open issue about this topic where we would love to here your feedback and best practices.


Project development happens on Github


  • Support App Store Connect API 1.2
  • Support the include parameter
  • handle POST, DELETE and PATCH requests
  • sales report
  • handle related resources
  • allow to sort resources
  • proper API documentation
  • add tests


This project is developed by Ponytech


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