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Carve Windows Prefetch files from arbitrary binary data
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Python script to carve Windows Prefetch artifacts from arbitrary binary data


The Windows application prefetch mechanism is in place to offer performance benefits when launching applications. It's also one of the more beneficial forensic artifacts regarding evidence of applicaiton execution. provides functionality for carving prefetch artifacts from binary data - such as unallocated disk space, raw memory images, etc. will output to the specified file, and supports multiple output formats.

Supported Prefetch Types

Windows 10 Prefetch files are compressed, and are unable to be carved from disk in this manner. All other Prefetch formats are supported (Windows XP - Windows 8.1)

Command-Line Options

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FILE, --file FILE  Carve Prefetch files from the given file
  -o OUTFILE, --outfile OUTFILE
                        Write results to the given file
  -c, --csv             Output results in csv format
  -m, --mactime         Output results in mactime format
  -t, --tln             Output results in tln format
  -s SYSTEM, --system SYSTEM
                        System name (use with -t)


Thorough teseting is still underway. I plan to integrate this project with Travis CI shortly.



python install

Using pip:

pip install prefetchcarve
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