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==== 2.6.0dev0 ====
* Running on MS Windows fix
* UTF-8 HTTP Digest username support
* JSONResponse support all response type now (data argument)
* EmptyResponse replaced by NoContentResponse
* new NotModifiedResponse
* time_to_http, datetime_to_http, http_to_datetime and http_to_time header
functions for manipulating Date type headers
* FileResponse generates Last-Modified header now
==== 2.5.0 ====
* fix file callback on files smaller than 1000B
* add FileObjResponse class
* add BaseResponse class
* unicode support in url path
* call file_callback only for files entries (with filename)
* fix openapi wrapper mime type
* Session use JSON for secority issue
* Bad JSON request generate HTTP Bad Request response
* All error handlers has error named argument
* new examples
* - own file_callback for uploading large data
* - websocket simple chat example
* new TextResponse class
* CachedInput for faster upload
* Default Output data buffer is 65365 now
* rename before_request to before_response
* rename after_request to after_response
* new start_time and end_time Request properties
* new metrics example
* input chunked encoding support
* parse_json_request need bytes on input
* add stalled file download timeout
==== 2.4.0 ====
* new render_negotiation function
* Headers improvement
* error handlers support
* permanent attribute for redirect and RedirectResponse is deprecated now,
but status_code can be used
* host port returns port from HOST or scheme
* openapi wrapper binds request to Host or Forwarded header
* new PoorSession interface
* use secret_key instead of Request object in __init__ method
* use load method for loading cookie
* handler_from_before is called only once
* fix FileResponse Content-Length header
==== 2.3.4 ====
* new interface fix
==== 2.3.3 ====
* supported space in url with http digest
* Request.construct_url improvement
* fix inconsistent return statements
* fix parsing empty form error and Request.has_body property
* fix error when Request.__init__ failed
==== 2.3.2 ====
* mypy support
==== 2.3.0 ====
* Errors in parsing requests end with 500 Internal Server Error
* JsonDict and JsonList objects for dict or list json request variant.
* JSONGeneratorResponse to returns json from generators as generator.
* Fixies for new openapi_core 0.13.0 version.
* Better error log when error in after_request process
* PoorSession cookie flags:
* always HttpOnly attribute
* Secure attribute by secure argument
* SameSite attribute by same_site argument
* Domain attribute by domain argument
* Path attribute could be None
* Max-Age attribute by max_age argument
* SessionError when not possible to decode session
* JSONResponse and JSONGeneratorResponse without charset
* CORS and Security example for OpenAPI
* EmptyResponse don't use headers warning
* charset fix in make_response
* some HTTP/0.9 suport fixes
* JSONGeneratorResponse is defined as extras
* OpenAPI tests fix - better openapi example
* Request.hostname contains only hostname without port
* Request.timestamp - set as soon as possible
* empty FieldStorage did't raise exception
* more info about request in internal server error page
* Request path as right attribute for /path
* Request full_path attribute for /path?query=arguments
* HTTP Digest Authorization support
==== 2.2.0 ====
* openapi after_request example fix
* http_state and default decorator fix to chain usage
* JSONResponse
* 418 I'am a teapot state
* SessionError exception based on RuntimeError
* EmptyResponse fix
==== 2.1.1 ====
* OpenAPIRequest host_url property fix
* Native HTTP Errors fix
* before_request called before all requests
==== 2.1.0 ====
* FileResponse fix
* Request.api property instead of Request.config, which is more unusable.
==== 2.0.1 ====
* use wsgi.file_wrapper only for FileResponse
==== 2.0.0 ====
* Python3 support only
* Removed deprecated methods
* Using python logging with 'poorwsgi' logger
* poor_SecretKey is not set by default
* Documentation rewrited to rst
* Request is now input object only
* `clength` property renamed to `content_length`
* properties and attributes clean
* document_root is property now
* uri_rule contain original definition of regular rule
* accept_* properties from headers
* mime_type is stored in mime_type properties
* * new `data` property, return full data from input buffer
* (re)new `path_args` property
* new configuration options `auto_data` and `data_size`
* Response classes for output
* not use buffer size
* callable for use in application
* new `data` property - could not work with generators
* `pre_process` is `before_request` and `post_process` is
* file_callback application property
* `before_request` handlers are called after path_args are set
* `after_request` handler got response next to request
* `after_request` handler *must* return response
* internal renaming
* documentation update
* HTTPException instead of SERVER_RETURN
* New abort function
* New make_response function use internally for handlers return values
* Some results are move to Response subclasses
* PoorSession can write headers to Response, and no Request is need for that
* Only DECLINED special return status_code are possible
* internal parse_negotiation function
* states and routes application property
* Documentation update
* New OpenAPIRequest and OpenAPIResponse classes based on classes from
`openapi_core` module.
==== 1.7.0 ====
* New Application config list form_content_types
* Form is parsed only when content-type is one of form_content_types
* Some PEP8 cleaning
==== 1.6.0 ====
* Profiling rewrite
* app and application is at poorwsgi module now (
* Application name property
* remove deprecated request.SERVER_RETURN
* remove deprecated Request.add_common_vars
* remove deprecated Request.subprocess_env
* results rewrite and fix theis outputs
* better hbytes as human bytes function
* better html_escape
* Application.debug, Application.document_root and
* tests in separate directory
* new Request is_body_request property
* PEP8 code style
* app and appplication is deprecated now
* documentation fix for new jinja24doc
* profiling bug fix (problem with Application class)
* log_info method and encoding error message to ascci when is needed
* syntax highlighting for example in readme
* new hex filter
* code refactoring
* decode json with content type charset
* new documentation for some methods and function
* format python2.6 fix
* using io.BytesIO insead of StringIO
* log_info, log_debug and log_warning methods
* fix circular reference (alias for self.method increment refcount)
* Request.logger is deprecated now
* send_json request function
* new pop_route, pop_rroute, pop_http_state and pop_default methods
* fix log_error in Application and Request to convert unicode to
utf-8 string in python2.x
* is_route and is_rroute methods
* X-Forwarded-* headers support
* debug output with navigation and some new request properties
==== 1.5.2 ====
* Info about unstable branch
==== 1.5.1 ====
* append missing cmp function when python3 is use
* errors must be flushed
* Broken client connection detection
* move documentation to separate README.rst
* moved to GitHub (fix links)
==== 1.5.0 ====
* http response 304 Not Modified supported
* new req.uri_hadler property
* set req.uri_hadler and req.uri_rule before calling pre handlers, but after
end point handler is known
* new get_options and log_error methods of Application object
* pre process handlers are run for http status handlers if not run yet
* not implement error got http status code
* bad request error page and error log on not implement method
==== 1.4.2 ====
* bug fix when setting req.clength
==== 1.4.1 ====
* append Secret Key about info to debug-info page
* fix ini config examples - documentation can't be on same line as variable
* fix menu links (diskusion and Facebook to PyPI)
==== 1.4.0 ====
* fix version style to major.minor.maintenance
==== 1.0.4 ====
* is_xhr bug fix
* json POST|PUT|Patch request parsing
* documentation fix
* Request cookies and Session rewrite
* html clear output in error traceback
* included results have meta content tag
* Reimplementation of Headers class (Python 3.4 support)
==== 1.0.3 ====
* installation documentation fix
* /debug-info handlers are separete
* send_file result in main
==== 1.0.2 ====
* auto striping option keys and values
* HTTP_FORBIDDEN bug fix (missing const)
* Security update:
* using sha512 in session hidden function
* more uknown generic secret key
* secret key is moved from debug-info html page to log where this page is
* EmptyForm return default value
==== 1.0.1 ====
* use pypi servers insead of sourceforge to download (doc)
* adding viewport and desription to documentation html header
* fix development status
* unicode bug fix on debug-info page and with document_root
* better rst description for pypi
==== 1.0.0 ====
* Application class is smart singleton now (one instance for one name)
* PoorSession have variable compressor module or object
* Headers convert strings to ISO-8859-1 as RFC and PEP says
* additional headers test in test
* documentation updates and fixes
==== 0.9.8 (rc5) ====
* automatic convert unicode to str for in header add method
* uid, gid, euid and egid in debug-info
==== 0.9.7 (rc4) ====
* documentation is build, install, and clean by extra commands
build_html, install_html and clean_html
==== 0.9.6 (rc3) ====
* python2.6 support (need ordereddict module)
==== 0.9.5 (rc2) ====
* try call default handler if file not exist
* SERVER_RETURN exception was moved to results module
* Deprecated class SERVER_RETURN is child of right SERVER_RETURN
* Regular expression routing
* Simple example app
* python 3.x support
* form and args classes are set in request object by default
* code cleaning
* documentation update
* ChangeLog is extra file in doc
* Working field storage with files on python 2.x and python 3.x
* auto_args, auto_form and other configuration of Application object
* compatibility aliases for EmptyForm, Args and FieldStorage
* using properties in Request and Application object
==== 0.9.1 (rc) ====
* Profiler support for Application __call__ method
* request_uri and some documentation update
* do extensin in jinja24doc
* up version of last bug fix
* Request.referer variable
* Bug fix
* Documentation edit
* Last part of main documentation
* Part of documentation
==== 0.9 ====
* redirect is possible when headers are fill, why not
* Bug fix with raiseing errors
* Document index bugfix
* poorwsgi has it's own repository
* some documentation fix
* more then one pre and post handlers, some bugfixes ond documentations
* Python package with
* Import optimization
* application is class instance now
* Edit comment about PEP
* Some bug fix and new Request member method_number
* set functions for route, http_state and default, better pre-import
* more methods support, better handlers working, lots of documentations
* Library style
* Some XXX comment - know bug
* Default Python path from application
* Change default buffer size to 16KiB
* Some changes - obsolete, but commit before move to git
* Python 3 pre-support, uWsgi server detection
* http HEAD method supported
==== 20121130 ====
* Webmaster mail bug fix
* Logging bug fix
* Poorwsgi could return files or directory index, so no
could not be error
* Poorhttp is simple wsgi server
* rename http to phttp
* Document Listing and get file support
* users handler error calling
* Bug fix
* Environment fix
* Flushing buffer bug fix
* Some bug fix for run with uWsgi
* Poorhttp is only wsgi server now.
* And poorwsgi is python wsgi framework which coud be connect with anotger
wsgi servers.
* Method setreq is pre_process now.
* Another post_process method is available.
* Default handler as default_handler is available for other uri which is not
in handlers list.
* Read method for request in poorhttp.
* Cookie bug fix with expire time and multiple cookie header support in
* fce support for getlist FieldStorage method
* Directory listing, more compatible sendfile method and default it works
html page.
* Example is move to /app as default 'it works' example code.
==== 20120211 ====
* File listing support as default handler for directory if new config
option index is enabled.
* Little bugfix with document config option.
==== 20111208 ====
* convertor in FieldStorage
* html error update
* Doxygen support
* example code
* comments and documentation
* bug fixes
==== 20100729 ====
* apache compatibility
* single / forking / thrading mode
* bugfixing and error handlers captching and loging
* more status codes
==== 20091130 ====
* cookie session id is generate from expirydate by crypting
* new method renew in cookie session
==== 20091126 ====
* new configurable value server secret key added
* new function hidden in session module for text crypting
* handled config error exception
* bug fix in loging