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//Ink Studios Source File.
//Copyright (C), Ink Studios, 2012.
// IMonoDomain interface to handle script / app domains.
// 03/05/2012 : Created by Filip 'i59' Lundgren
#ifndef __SCRIPT_DOMAIN_H_
#define __SCRIPT_DOMAIN_H_
#include <IMonoDomain.h>
class CScriptDomain : public IMonoDomain
// Create root domain
CScriptDomain(ERuntimeVersion runtimeVersion = eRV_2_50727);
CScriptDomain(const char *name, bool setActive = false);
// IMonoDomain
virtual void Release() override { delete this; }
virtual bool SetActive(bool force = false) override;
virtual bool IsActive() override { return m_pDomain == mono_domain_get(); }
virtual bool IsRoot() override { return m_bRootDomain; }
// ~IMonoDomain
MonoDomain *m_pDomain;
bool m_bRootDomain;
#endif //__SCRIPT_DOMAIN_H_
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