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Tools for civic engagement


  1. gobierto gobierto Public

    Plataforma de gobierno abierto open source

    Ruby 68 32

  2. ine-places ine-places Public

    An easy way to work with Spanish regions in Ruby

    Ruby 29 11

  3. gobierto-comparador-presupuestos gobierto-comparador-presupuestos Public

    Gobierto comparador de presupuestos

    Ruby 2

  4. ansible-doc-generator ansible-doc-generator Public

    CLI for documenting Ansible roles into Markdown files.

    Ruby 37 11

  5. decidim-module-anonymous_proposals decidim-module-anonymous_proposals Public

    Allow anonymous user to submit proposals

    Ruby 4 4

  6. decidim-module-extra_user_fields decidim-module-extra_user_fields Public

    Add dynamic custom fields to users

    Ruby 3 11


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