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Gobierto budgets data

This repository contains the data and the scripts needed to load the municipalities data from Spain into a Postgres database. The data is from years 2010 to 2016 and includes planned and executed.

Important: the data contained in this repository has been updated on 02/07/2018.

How to load the data


1 - Install Ruby 2.5.3

2 - Create a file config/database.yml. You can base it on config/database.yml.example

3 - Run bundle install

4 - Create two databases, one for planned data, and other for executed data. In postgres you can do it using createdb. Example:

  • createdb budgets-planned
  • createdb budgets-executed

5 - Run the script:

  • To load the planned data: $ bin/rails runner import.rb budgets-planned planned
  • To load the executed data: $ bin/rails runner import.rb budgets-executed executed

Understanding the data

Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas publishes in their website the data of municipalities budgets, both the planned budget and the executed one. They have a couple of methodology notes in case you are interested in: Nota Metodológica and Metodología Base de datos Access. The data published is in Microsoft Access format.

We, at Gobierto, have followed these steps to convert it to SQL, which is a better format to distribute the data.

1 - Fetch all the data from 2010 to 2016. There are separated files for each year and for planned and executed.

2 - Using an external application, we have converted the data to Postgres format.

3 - We have put each SQL file, compressed in GZip format, into a folder in data/presupuestos_municipales with the name of the yar. There are two sub-folders named executed/ and planned/.

There are five main tables. We are not going to describe them completely, but if you want a deeper description we recommend you to read the documentation mentioned above.

  • tb_inventario: an inventory table with the list of local entities. An entity can be the municipality itself and other local institutions depending on it. When we import the data, we aggregate all those sub-budgets into the municipality.

  • tb_funcional: budgeting data organized using the functional classifcation. In the functional classification there are only expenses and not income.

  • tb_cuentasProgramas: list of functional categories the budgets are organized.

  • tb_economica: budgeting data organized using the functional classifcation. This classification includes both expenses and income.

  • tb_cuentasEconomica: list of economic categories the budgets are organized.

Both planned and executed data contain the same structure. At the end of the import you should have the following tables in both databases:

budgets-executed=# \d
                  List of relations
 Schema |           Name           | Type  |  Owner
 public | tb_cuentasEconomica_2010 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasEconomica_2011 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasEconomica_2012 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasEconomica_2013 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasEconomica_2014 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasProgramas_2010 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasProgramas_2011 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasProgramas_2012 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasProgramas_2013 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasProgramas_2014 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasRemanente_2010 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasRemanente_2011 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasRemanente_2012 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasRemanente_2013 | table | wadus
 public | tb_cuentasRemanente_2014 | table | wadus
 public | tb_economica_2010        | table | wadus
 public | tb_economica_2011        | table | wadus
 public | tb_economica_2012        | table | wadus
 public | tb_economica_2013        | table | wadus
 public | tb_economica_2014        | table | wadus
 public | tb_funcional_2010        | table | wadus
 public | tb_funcional_2011        | table | wadus
 public | tb_funcional_2012        | table | wadus
 public | tb_funcional_2013        | table | wadus
 public | tb_funcional_2014        | table | wadus
 public | tb_inventario_2010       | table | wadus
 public | tb_inventario_2011       | table | wadus
 public | tb_inventario_2012       | table | wadus
 public | tb_inventario_2013       | table | wadus
 public | tb_inventario_2014       | table | wadus


Please, contact us at fernando@populate.tools.


Follow the regular steps: create and issue, or suggest a change with a PR.


Gobierto, 2018