A userscript meant to complement vkdl, the web based music player/downloader
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Butane no longer works

Butane-Userscript is now defunct. See why.

A userscript meant to complement Butane, the web based music player/downloader

Version 2.0.0

Currently supports Soundcloud and Youtube

  • Inserts a button to automatically search the song title with Butane

Soundcloud Demo Screenshot

Youtube Demo Screenshot

Installation Instructions:

  • Chrome: Download the userscript file (right-click, 'Save Link as'). In Chrome, open your Extensions page (enter chrome://extensions into your address bar), then drag-and-drop the butane-userscript.user.js file from your hard drive onto the extensions page in the Chrome browser. If you are getting permissions problems (e.g., Chrome is saying you can not load scripts from this page,) you are not correctly saving the file to disk first, then dragging-and-dropping the userscript into the extensions window.

Update: Chrome now disables userscripts every time the browser restarts. Either don't shutdown your browser or use an extension like Tampermonkey, and import the script.

  • Firefox: Install Greasemonkey and then load the userscript

  • Other browsers that supprt Userscripts (Safari, Opera, etc.): Browse to the userscript and install the script when prompted.

GNU GPL v2 License