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battleship board This month's PDX magic night will be to to create the popular childrens' game Battleship


  • Played on a grid, typically 10 X 10
  • There are two phases of the game
    • Setup, where each player secretly places their ships on the grid vertically or horizontally
      • ships can not overlap
      • ships can not be placed diagonally
      • Each player has the same set of ships, in the original game, the following ships were in play
        • Carrier: size 5
        • Battleship: size 4
        • Cruiser: size 3
        • Submarine: size 3
        • Destroyer: size 2
    • Game play, where each player guesses a grid location where his/her opponent may have placed a ship
    • When all of the ships of one of the players has been struck on all ships in all grid locations, the game is over and a winner is declared

Outside of these constraints you may implement it as text based or any graphical way you choose.

PDX Magic Night

Come hungry, we'll have pizza and drinks.

**Note the New location!

Epicodus, 400 SW 6th Ave #800, Portland, OR 97204



Tuesday, April 11th. 6:00