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April Meeting

April 13th, 2005 6:30pm at Free Geek, 1741 SE 10th Ave

Ruby on Rails by Lucas Carlson (slides)

Ruby on Rails (http://rubyonrails.org/) is a 9 month old web framework that provides shortcuts to many aspects of web development. Many of you have already heard of Ruby on Rails since a lot of people have been proclaiming 10x increases in productivity recently. This presentation will introduce you to the fundamentals of the framework by creating a simple application from scratch. You will then learn some of the more advanced features of Rails, like how to setup XML-RPC and SOAP API's for the application and how easy it is to integrate Ajax features in forms. You will also be exposed to some non-trivial Rails code from an existing website (http://webcollaborator.com/) in order to judge how well Rails holds up when implementing non-trivial concepts.

Knowledge of Ruby is optional, there will be a short crash course at the beginning of the talk.

Lucas Carlson comes from a background of almost 8 years of PHP development. He discovered Ruby on Rails for himself 6 months ago and has been gainfully employed developing in Rails ever since. He has also made contributions to the framework. For more information about Lucas, see http://rufy.com/

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