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March Meeting

March 8th, 6:30pm at Free Geek, 1741 SE 10th Ave

Topic: The Guts of Perl (and why you should care)



Presenter: Eric Wilhelm

Briefly covering:

(roughly) What the perl interpreter does when you throw a program at it. How perlguts and compiled extensions work. How to peek into perl internals with Perl code. How this knowledge is useful.


  • (requisite viewing of fluff / late arrivals)
  • Overview of perl's parse, compile, run process.
  • Possibly some mildly off-topic bits about XS, perlapi, etc.
  • Tour of the B:: modules.
  • (heckling)
  • Comparisons between B and PPI approaches.
  • (likely more heckling)
  • Example code, case studies, and esoteric observations.
  • (beer at the LuckyLab)


  • Mechanically analyzing readability and refactorability of Perl code.
  • Design patterns and optimization insights.
  • Better understanding of what is under the hood.
  • An opportunity to heckle me (heckling-based learning optional.)
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