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Speakers Wanted

A list of possible FutureMeetings topics. If you have expertise you would like to share with the group that covers one of these topics, please contact FearlessJosh with your availability.

  • Maintaining a DarkPAN

    • Introduction to DarkPAN
    • Compare DarkPAN solutions
  • rPi, microcontroller, Parallella projects

    • Hardware projects using Raspberry Pi, Arduino/Atmel/PIC/etc, or Parallella.
  • Perl on Windows and/or IIS

    • Common issues running Perl in Windows environments
  • How to Know What to Steal

    • Choosing good modules from CPAN and other general advice on finding and evaluating open-source code.
  • Writing Effective Subroutines and Modules

    • introductory / best practices / design principles
    • variable naming / scoping / packages
  • Perl Version Compatibility

    • Core modules / features introduced when?
    •, etc.
  • My Ten Worst Ideas Ever

    • possibly a round-table
  • Perl Windowing Systems

    • Tk
    • ??
  • Perl Testing

  • Perl Web Programming Frameworks

When you get your wish, please remove (and maybe even archive) it.


Meetings can take several formats.

  • speaker/audience (traditional presentation)
  • lightning talks
  • tag-team / two-stage (intro and advanced speakers)
  • round-table
  • workshop
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