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" maps save to shift-w
map W :w<cr>

" abbreviations can be used while you're typing
abbr ddu die Dumper 
abbr pdu print Dumper
abbr ddf die Dumper 'fool';

abbr uddu use Data::Dumper;<CR>die Dumper
abbr updu use Data::Dumper;<CR>print Dumper
abbr uddf use Data::Dumper;<CR>die Dumper 'fool';

abbr udd use Data::Dumper;

" keep me away from that damn command history
map q: :q
map Q :q

Also, see RandallHansen's bucketize plugin VimRCFileBucketize


" I sometimes save with Ctrl+S
map <C-s> :w<CR>

" folding using pod structure (maybe you like it, maybe not)
:set foldmethod=marker
:set foldmarker=\=head,\=cut
:let QuickRepeat = 0

" Starting new programs (warning: kinda naive if you are not in a blank file)
map <S-F2> :normal i#!/bin/sh<CR><ESC>:w<CR>:!chmod 755 %<CR><CR>:e %<CR>
map <S-F3> :normal i#!/usr/bin/perl<CR><ESC>:w<CR>:!chmod 755 %<CR><CR>:e %<CR>
map <S-F4> :normal i#!/usr/bin/ruby<CR><ESC>:w<CR>:!chmod 755 %<CR><CR>:e %<CR><ESC>
map <S-F5> :normal i#!/usr/bin/python<CR><ESC>:w<CR>:!chmod 755 %<CR><CR>:e %<CR><ESC>

" Toggle non-printing characters.
" but first setup their representations:
:set lcs=tab:>-,eol:$,trail:s
map <F9> :set invlist<CR>

" my comment tactics (you need the EnhancedCommentify plugin)
map ==3 :normal o<ESC>72I#<ESC><CR>
map =3 :call EnhancedCommentify('', 'comment')<CR>
map -3 :call EnhancedCommentify('', 'decomment')<CR>
map ACK :normal I# XXX: <ESC><CR>

" reusable rewrap
function RewrapParagraph ()
    set nosi
    let wastextwidth = &textwidth
    " echo mytextwidth
    set textwidth=72
    normal gqip
    let &textwidth=wastextwidth
    set si
" and some mappings for it
map <S-F12> :call RewrapParagraph()<CR>
" don't ask why I didn't reuse it
vmap <S-F12> <Esc>:set tw=72<CR>:set nosi<CR>:normal `<gq`><CR>:set si<CR>:set tw=0<CR>

" a quick de-highlight:
map <C-N> :noh<CR>

" thing that may be in your distro's default setup
:au BufReadPost * if line("'\"") > 0 && line("'\"") <= line("$") | exe "normal g'\"" | endif

Aside: when creating a new subroutine, I always do this:

:r! printsub -d --obj myobj methodname

That -d makes sure that I get documentation, and with --obj I get the my $self = shift; line for free. There are some other fun bits in printsub (which, like a lot of daily-use tools, could at this point really use some documentation.)


map ,ton  <ESC>:%s/More tests =>/More 'no_plan'; # tests =>/<CR>
map ,toff <ESC>:%s/More 'no_plan'; # /More /<CR>$b

:autocmd BufNewFile *.pl 0r ~/.vim/templates/|normal Go


I've moved mine to

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