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Source Code Parsing

Use AspxParser:

var parser = new AspxParser(rootDirectory);
var source = new AspxSource(fileName, fileCode);
AspxParseResult aspxTree = parser.Parse(source);

Result AspxParseResult contains a reference to a parse tree RootNode and to a list with parse errors ParserErrors.

Parse Tree Bypass

Use DepthFirstAspxVisitor or DepthFirstAspxWithoutCloseTagVisitor visitors:

public AspxToCsConverter : DepthFirstAspxWithoutCloseTagVisitor<string>
    public override string Visit(AspxNode.Root node)

    public override string Visit(AspxNode.HtmlTag node)

var converter = new AspxToCsConverter();
var result = aspxTree.Root.Accept(converter);


AspxParser is licensed under the MIT License.