1.3. Repositories

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Repository protocols are very similar to tracker ones. Let's create the definitions from the section above, but this time for our repositories:

(require '[flower.repository.core :as repository.core]
         '[flower.repository.proto :as repository.proto])

;; Our repositories definition
(def pt-repos (let [organization-url "https://github.com/PositiveTechnologies"]
                (repository.core/repositories (repository.core/start-component {})
                                              {:pt-github {:repo-type :github
                                                           :repo-url organization-url
                                                           :repo-projects ["flower"]}})))

Here is a shorthand notation to create a single repository record:

(def pt-github-repo (repository.core/get-repository "https://github.com/PositiveTechnologies/flower"))

The repository type is identified by its domain name. If it failed to get identified automatically, use the flower.repository.core/with-repository-type macro to set the type manually:

(require '[flower.macros :as macros])
(require '[flower.repository.core :as repository.core])

  (repository.core/with-repository-type :gitlab
    (def gitlab-repo (repository.core/get-repository "https://git.example.com/example/example-project"))))

Let's find out the title and the corresponding source branch for every pull request in our repository:

(map #(list (repository.proto/get-title %)
            (repository.proto/get-source-branch %))
     (repository.proto/get-pull-requests pt-github-repo))

Let's get list of commits for some opened pull request and then merge it (make sure you specified :auth beforehand, see previous section):

(let [first-opened-pr (first (repository.proto/get-pull-requests pt-github-repo
                                                                 {:pr-state "opened"}))
      commits (map :commit-id (repository.proto/get-commits first-opened-pr))]
  (println commits)
  (repository.proto/merge-pull-request! first-opened-pr))
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