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we're currently taking a little break as we're super busy growing posthog right now - feel free to get in touch with us, but we may take a while to reply to your message. backs businesses similar to ours and is operated by the team behind posthog inc (high growth open source yc company)


  • you are open - you share much of your work publicly
  • we are open - we share everything does publicly, and expect feedback on our decisions from anyone on this repo
  • bias for impact - less asking for investor updates, more getting stuck in and helping you when you need it


we focus on businesses similar to our own - our unique experience is our unfair advantage:

  • open source / dev tool / data software start-ups
  • pre-seed or seed round stage
  • technical founders

you'll probably be a good fit if you're currently going through yc, but we will consider any companies that meet these criteria provided you are in a jurisdiction we can invest in (us, uk, cayman islands are ok - ask if it's not on this list)

we do pre-seed and seed stage because we've had success from pre-seed stage through multiple rounds later ourselves, so can help the most here


  • we share our playbook for founding, growing, and operating an open source startup
  • open source group office hours - monthly group meeting with you + the other open source founders we invest in
  • we give you funding to help you make your first hires - $100-500k per startup
  • we give you free enterprise use of our tooling for building better products for 1 year, up to 20m events/month
  • we will aim to intro you to your series a investors - we know everyone who invests in open source


  • is a scout for uncorrelated ventures
  • we have complete decision-making autonomy
  • this setup means we can focus on helping you build better products, not fund admin
  • we will typically invest $100-500k (but we can be flexible)
  • we will ask you for pro rata rights - we want to keep supporting you as you grow


  • you send us an intro and tell us a bit about your product and company - answer whatever you feel comfortable with
  • we schedule a zoom call with you if we're interested in learning more
  • we send you any follow up questions (kept to an absolute minimum - we'll ask for the round paperwork)
  • james and tim - PostHog co-founders - will make a decision in their weekly meeting
    • yes - we ask for your bank details
    • no - we respond with thoughtful feedback
  • once we're done, we'll invite you to a shared slack channel

we're aiming for minimal friction, so please give us feedback


email us at or create a pitch issue

either option is fine, we don't prioritize one over the other

anyone can do this