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Add Sparkle #16

soffes opened this Issue · 6 comments

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It would be awesome if it checked for updates automatically with Sparkle.


My original thought was to simply just distribute through the App Store, but I'm starting to think more about non-App-Store distribution as well. I guess my main reason for feet-dragging comes down to the lack of good tooling around this. Anyone know what's the state of the art here, or should I go off and build something?


Sparkle is pretty much the standard outside of the MAS


Right, right. I guess I'm just looking for the "Heroku for Sparkle". Does that exist yet?


Not sure what you mean exactly. Sparkle is simply a framework you embed within the app, and then you host an xml file which contains details of updates/new versions (which could probably stash somewhere on GitHub). When you release a new version, you update the xml file and the framework takes care of the rest.


What I mean is that all of that should be automated, much like deploying a web app. Also, GitHub has a very generous bandwidth policy, but for a pretty hefty app like this, I'd like to host my own stuff on S3.


Done and done. Download link on now directs you to latest build, which includes Sparkle. Also, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain ;)

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