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=== wp-to-saxotech ===
Contributors: Donnie Marges <>, Keith Benedict <>, Stephen Veerman <>, Mohamed Marwen Meddah <>
Tested up to: 3.5.1
Stable tag: 1.3.1

Push posts directly from WordPress to Saxotech.

== Description ==

wp-to-saxotech allows posts to be pushed as XML to an FTP server which will then be imported by Saxotech.

== Installation ==

Activate the plugin/include in functions.php, configure the FTP server in options, and click 'Publish to Saxotech' in the post options or apply the 'Publish to Saxotech' bulk action on the posts listing page. If the server hosting your WordPress install is unable to use PHP's built-in FTP functionality, then you have the option of copying wp-to-saxotech-post-server.php to another server that can utilize FTP. At this point you can configure this third-party server to act as a POST server whereby wp-to-saxotech will push to this server via HTTP POST where it is then pushed via FTP.

== Changelog ==

= 1.0 =

* First version

= 1.1 =

* Moved history to meta field per post instead options table
* Added column for 'Sent to Saxotech' on admin posts page
* Added filter options for specific day ranges include up to 1 day before and 6 days after current day
* Cleaned up code, spacing, tabs, extra line breaks
* Added code comment blocks to functions throughout code that were missing them

= 1.1.1 =

* Type casting query string parameters pulled and appended to bulk action redirect
* control enqueuing script to the post.php, edit-post.php and post-new.php admin screens

= 1.2.0 =

* Change admin screen ftpserver password to a password field.
* Checkmark added to post listing page and edit page
* BUGFIX: removed 'Publish to Saxotech' on media screens
* Exporting Editorial Comments in meta tag SAXo-Comments
* Changed export date format to specify Zulu time:  Y-m-d\TH:i:s\Z
* Added meta field for the slug, viewable on edit post screen by looking at custom fields
* Changed the template meta subject field to use generated slug in format mmdd-the-post-slug-rev  i.e. 0130-blog-replay-spits-17
* Moved ftp related history functions to wp-to-saxotech-post-server.php with other ftp code
* Slight re-org of functions into more logical function/feature groupings
* Added default Category field for exports, and category translation list management to admin screen.  New JS file wp-to-saxotech-admin.js
* Export categories into xml meta after checking translation table
* Added filename of attached images into exported xml comments.
* Added ftp path to the settings screen, allows multiple levels of directory to be specified.
* Moved photo meta to top of body, added captions from images, chooses caption from shortcode if available, otherwise attachment meta
* Truncate comments section to 255 characters, removed the 'Published from WordPress' to conserve space
* Clean text placed in caption note (using same rules as body content)
* Signed off, updating the version information and stable tag.

= 1.3.0 =

* Add option to export images urls with the story content, this is done with the second template used with zone exports
* Process the gallery tag to include photos from galleries, the format of the gallery shortcode is [gallery ids='1,2,3,4,....'] which has the post_id for the attachments in a comma delimited list.
* Process the featured gallery (if present) made for the driving project.
* Add a tools submenu page which allows anyone with the publish_posts capability to access.  This is conditional on the Zoninator plugin being present, the new tools page allows exporting of a zone in one step.
* Modified the data structure when a zone is exported to accommodate this new functionality, the changes are as follows:
	* SAXo-Comments contains the string 'imported from wordpress zone([zonename])' where [zonename] represents the zone exported
	* body.content includes a paragraph tag with the same message 'imported from wordpress zone([zonename])'
	* subject field is modified to include the zone order after the published date, and the zone slug, remaining characters will have story slug that fits.
		i.e. '0101:16:drvg-cahr-more-01' and the colon is the delimiter if there is a zone order, otherwise it will appear normally '0101-more-than-200-arrested-01'
	* Caption field for photos now includes credit and distributor info
	* story URL is added to top of body.content for reference to help pick photos needed.

= 1.3.1 =
The make this plugin more generic update, to allow changes for data structure and content without having to re-release the plugin

* Modifying plugin to support filter hooks for the following ( listing the parameters )
	* saxo slug generation  ( pd_wp_saxo_export_slug( slug, parameters ) )
	* exported ftp filename   ( pd_wp_saxo_export_filename( filename ) )
	* data generated for export ( pd_wp_saxo_export_data( data, post_id, zone_order ) )
	* template function to be called ( pd_wp_saxo_export_template( template, is_zone_export ) )
	* cleaning of text for saxotech output  ( pd_wp_saxo_clean_text( text ) )
	* Add additional image assets like the featured_gallery used on driving ( pd_wp_saxo_export_images( post_id, image_list[], image_urls[] ) )
* Cleaned up some commenting on functions
* Removed commented code
* Bug fix for Ajax return on Published Date in the edit.php post list view
* Modified saxo slug truncation to only truncate to 24 and strip extra hyphens allowing maximum saxo slug length
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