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How to add your contributions

If you want to get credit hours for the SUNY Potsdam ACM, then there are a few steps you'll have to take to post your contributions to our website. You can style your page if you'd like, this is just a starting point.

  1. Send me your github handles (create a github if you haven't)
  2. I will then add you to this project
  3. Clone this repo with git clone https://github.com/PotsdamACM/potsdamacm.github.io.git
  4. Copy the template-student directory
  5. Rename the template-student with your name as firstname-lastname
  6. Make your changes to the index.html file within the folder.
  7. Add your files with git add <filename> or git add --all
  8. Commit your changes with git commit -m "some message"
  9. Push your changes with git push
  10. Your changes should be live!