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Welcome to TINOS

Question: Where to begin ?

Answer: Good Question, I would suggest have a look at the What is TINOS and then check out the FutureNet 2010 presentation in the documentation/UserGuides folder. After that I would recommend having a look at the installation guide, code base and how to build the system.

Question: So what are you planning on doing with TINOS ?

Answer: The intention is that TINOS will be used to prototype RINA, prepare pre-canned demos and scenarios to demonstrate RINA and let people play with it. TINOS is by no means complete but it is a good starting point and it is open source. I hope that TINOS can provide an environment to make networking fun again by lowering the barriers of entry for students, hobbyists and myself. It is java-based and relatively easy to get up and running. Have a look at the Roadmap and you will get a feel for the road ahead and where we intend to go.

Question: What can I do ?

Answer: As much or as little as you want. As TINOS is just starting out, we would welcome people who can give up some little pieces of their time, brain power and goodwill to help build TINOS. Join the revolution, Shake up the network, make networks fun again!

Question: Where do I get the code and how do I get started?

Answer: Right here at github, the project is public and you can grab a copy and play. It is recommended to have a look at the following page to see how we do branches Git-Branching-&-Commands and if you want to commit some changes back then check out this Become-a-Committer.

Question: Who should I contact if I am interested ?

Answer: Depending on your level of interest, I would suggest that you can start off as a follower, pull down the repository, have a look and if you want to sign up for work then you can contact me : patsy (dot) phelan (at) gmail (dot) com