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Application and python script to identify, remove, and/or recode personally identifiable information (PII) from field experiment datasets.
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PII Application


This application identifies likely PII (personally identifiable information) in a dataset. To use, download the .exe from the latest release and follow the in-app directions.

This tool is current listed as an alpha release because it is completely untested on IPA PII-containing field datasets due to a lack of data access.

Ensuring the dataset is devoid of PII is ultimately still your responsibility.

Help and Support

Please check the issues section on GitHub for previously solved issues. If no solution is available there feel free to open an issue; the author will attempt to respond in a reasonably timely fashion. If your request is urgent you may contact


We welcome contributions in any form! To contribute please fork the project make your changes and submit a pull request. We will do our best to work through any issues with you and get your code merged into the main branch.


If you have used this codebase in a scientific publication and wish to cite it, please use the following:

Jacobson, J. Innovations for Poverty Action: PII Detection, Recoding, and Removal. 2017.


J-PAL: PII-Scan. 2017.

IPA's Research Transparency and Human Subjects teams.


The PII script is MIT Licensed.

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