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A webpack plugin to list deployed files.
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A webpack plugin to list deployed files.


var FileListPlugin = require('file-list-plugin')

plugins: [
  new FileListPlugin()

A deployment using this plugin with default options looks like this:

- bundle.js
- 217df66c16f6ad3a523aa7baf6223da3.png
- 38889dd6a712a67410ecdbc8cc0877fc.png
- asset-list.txt

Where the content of asset-list-txt is:



new FileListPlugin({

  // The File name of the file the plugin will output
  fileName: 'asset-list.txt',

  // How to format the list from list items
  format: function defaultFormat(listItems){
    return listItems.join('\n')

  // Advanced: how a webpack compilation is transformed onto the items list
  itemsFromCompilation: function defaultItemsFromCompilation(compilation){
    return _.keys(compilation.assets)


  • 2.0.0 -
    • Support webpack 4.
    • BREAKING CHANGE - Uses es6 (as webpack 4 plugins are).
    • BREAKING CHANGE - Format function that doesn't return a string now fails the plugin.
    • Added tests.
    • Improved logging during tests.
    • Updated all npm packages.
    • Removed unused dependencies.
    • Improved readme.
  • 1.0.0 -
    • Support webpack 3.
    • Also supports webpack 4 with deprecation errors.
    • Updated all npm packages.
  • 0.1.0 -
    • BREAKING CHANGE - itemsFromCompilation is now exposed instead of filterChunks, filterModules and mapModules.
    • Updated all npm packages and added new npm's package-lock.json.
    • Updated tests to support webpack 3 and improved them.
  • 0.0.5 - first stable version.
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