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npm install memoize-last-for-key --save

Creates a function that caches the last result of arguments, by key calculated from the arguments.

This library is useful if you can conclude a key from function's arguments where it is expected to receive the same arguments and return the same results.

See example below.


The cache of the memoization function looks like this:

  [generatedKeyFromArgs]: {
    args: Array,            // full args of the cached call
    result: Any,            // results for the cached call
    entryOrder: Number      // order of the cachedId

When a lastMemoized function is called:

  1. we calculate it's key using keyResolver
  2. if it doesn't exists in the cache, we calculate it's result and add it
    1. old keys are deleted of their number exceeds size
  3. if it exists exists we compare it's args to previous args using equalityFn
    1. if the args are equal we return the cached result
    2. otherwise we run the function and add the result to the cache


const memoizeLast = require('memoize-last-for-key')

const config = {
  keyResolver: function(args){
    return args[0].id

const updateItemPrice = memoizeLast(function(item, newPrice){

  // Some heavy calculation goes here.
  // If it's not heavy, don't use this library.
  return Object.assign({}, item, {price: newPrice})
}, config)

const item = {id: 1, name: 'item-1', price: 100}
const updatedItem =        updateItemPrice(item, 200)  //{id: 1, name: 'item-1', price: 200}
const anotherUpdatedItem = updateItemPrice(item, 200)  //{id: 1, name: 'item-1', price: 200}
// updatedItem === anotherUpdatedItem

const newItem = {id: 1, name: 'item-2', price: 100}
const newUpdatedItem = updateItemPrice(newItem, 200)  //{id: 1, price: 200}
// updatedItem !== newUpdatedItem because newItem is not item


  // Determines ow do we compare function's args to old args.
  // If this function returns true, the result is pulled from the cache.
  equalityFn: function defaultEqualityFn(oldArgs, newArgs){
    return isDeepEqual(oldArgs, newArgs)
  // The key we store and retrieve `args` and `result` from the cache.
  // Upon retiraval we compare args to old args using `equalityFn` and decide if result should be recalculated.
  keyResolver: function defaultKeyResolver(args){
    return JSON.stringify(args[0])
  // Number of keys in the hash table
  length: 100,
  // The `this` inside the memoize function
  context: null


Creates a function that caches the last result of arguments, by key calculated from the arguments.







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