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DDay: Normandy FPS

This is the complete source of DDay: Normandy FPS. It is a Quake II total conversion.

DDay: Normandy FPS is an opensource game which was abandoned by its developpers, and which is now solely developped by its fans.

If you like it, please just share it and play it with your friends.

How to install:

You can download the latest release (don't forget to install dependency) but if you prefer to compile the game, have a look at the INSTALL file.

How to play:

  • ESCAPE -> Main menu
  • [,],PAGEDOWN/UP -> go up/down in game menu
  • A,S,D,W or ARROWS -> movements
  • Q -> take items
  • SPACE -> Jump
  • CTRL or C -> down-crouch
  • Left click -> shoot
  • Right click -> use weapon (position to aim)
  • R or Middle click -> reload


IRC: #ddayhome on


Omaha Beach DDay2 map


Thanks to Skuller for the Q2pro engine. Thanks to Fafner for his DDayDev website, and all his contributions to improve the game. Thanks to Dirk who improves the code too, and helps me to understand how the game work. Thank you to all those who supported me in my approach and supported me for everything I created for this game. Thanks to Vipersoft who published this game in opensource. Thanks to all guys and players who created some models, pictures, maps to improve the game and who shared them. And at last, thanks to all players who promote this game and who never stop playing it.

English is not my native language, so I am sorry if my wording is not perfect. ;)


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