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How to contribue

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Simply by sharing the game

  • You can share the game or the facebook page on facebook. (you can share the players group too, for find more players)

Spam the web:

The players need to know that there is some guys who play this game. The best way to do that, is to spam the web.

  • This is a really great work to promove the game, If you spam the web it will have more links about the game and google will find them. This work should never be stopped because google love new links. So for that,
  • you can make youtube or dailymotion videos, screenshots, or simply send links about dday anywhere on the web. It a too great work for that only some people do it, the game need that you do it too.
  • You can send money on the facebook page to promove publications or the game, for that some thousand peoples can see it.

Make tutorials on ddaydev, this wiki, or on youtube

  • simplescreenrecorder on linux and fraps on windows to capture
  • Shotcut is a good software to edit video

Improve any picture:

[fixme] Tutorials needed (it very simple in fact, but there is not tuto for explain that simply)

  • By change texture or hud and create Pak file, or by create a new project highres on github

Improve models:

[fixme] Tutorials needed

  • Now all model are in md2 format, and can be edited in md3 format, you can put them in a pak file too, or in a highres project on github


  • You can translate the game by edit some file or pictures and put them in a pack file, and share it, or create a github project with modified files.
  • You can create just a web page or blog in your language to present the game for any players in the world
  • by creating a community site, or facebook page.

Make a map:

[fixme] Tutorial needed

  • You can make a map with quark or gtkradiant and share it on the maps project (there is not very much map in capture mode for exemple)

Play with your friends

  • Say simply to your friends "Can I install a game on your computer ? For play with me now." without forcely him or speak more about the game. If he ask some question, be modest, and say "it's just a little game there not very much players, but it's fun to play with anybody"

Never lie for make the game seller

  • If you publish a screenshot, please, do a screen from the last release, because if you publish screen from last devellopement game whith high graphics, this make a "wow effect" in the players, but when they see really what is the last release, they think that you lie, same if it is not really true. It is best to be modest by saying "it's just a litle game with no ambitions, and the wow effect will come by opening the game.
  • Or say "yes" when somebody ask if there is some players who play this game. You do not lie if you say that, but the real question that he ask was "there is player connected all the time ingame ?" Your can answer that "there is not very much player, but there is at some hours" this is a good answer for this question


The game is open source, you can help to code it, to port it on egl, or simply publish a last compilation binaries for your os (it is actually not done for windows)

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