OWIN SCIM 1.1 & 2.0 implementation for .NET
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OWIN SCIM 1.1 & 2.0 implementation for .NET >= 4.5.1
Build status NuGet Pre Release

RFC 7643
RFC 7644

Looking for solid contributers to expedite this effort!
email me: daniel.gioulakis [at] powerdms [dot] com

If you have been evaluating the alpha builds from nuget, we would love to hear feedback from you. Please reach out and share how your experience has been working with Owin.Scim. Any issues and feature requests are welcome. Help us shape Owin.Scim into the best fully-featured and compliant open-source SCIM server!

Latest News!

We're excited to announce that Owin.Scim is now actively deployed to Azure AppServices as part of our way to showcase the capabilities of Owin.Scim. You can access all live SCIM endpoints at: http://owin-scim.azurewebsites.net/scim/ (e.g. http://owin-scim.azurewebsites.net/scim/<version>/<endpoint>)

Live Endpoints for Interoperability Testing

NOTE: The current live implementation is being hosted inside IIS which unfortunately blocks : in URL paths if they exist before the ? query-string delimiter. Therefore, live endpoints for /schemas/{schemaId} and /resourcetypes/{resourceTypeId} are not accessible, however, they do work. We'll look to host our sample differently in the future.



This project is in active development with the goal of completing basic protocol implementation by mid-2016.


The list below doesn't necessarily denote priority or order.

  • Finish users endpoints
    • Create
    • Retrieve
    • Replace
    • Update (Patch) (in progress - cleanup code)
      • Add
      • Replace
      • Remove
    • Delete
    • Query
  • Schema extensions
  • Add SCIM server configuration endpoints
    • /ServiceProviderConfig
    • /Schemas
    • /ResourceTypes
  • Add support for mutability rule-processing.
  • Add support for bulk processing
  • Add groups endpoints
    • Create
    • Retrieve
    • Replace
    • Update (Patch) (in progress - cleanup code)
      • Add
      • Replace
      • Remove
    • Delete
    • Query
  • Add support for querying
    • Filtering
    • Sorting (in design)
    • Ordering (in design)
    • Pagination (in design)
    • Projection (in progress - currently only works with top-level attributes / non-urn qualified references)
  • SCIM Extensiblity
    • Canonicalization
    • Validation
    • Attribute Behavior (mutability, caseExact, returned, uniqueness, etc)
    • Custom resource types and endpoints
  • Add endpoint authorization support
  • Add endpoint for supporting query-on-root
  • Add support for SCIM v1.1
  • Add logging functionality
  • Outbound Provisioning (SCIM Event Notification)
    • Event Triggers / Handlers
    • Client Subscription Management

Getting Started

Please see the WIKI for all documentation. It is being continually updated as the project develops into a stable SCIM implementation.