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rec: Don't choke on escaped content in getZoneCuts()

`getZoneCuts()` was constructing a `DNSName` by passing a raw label returned
from `DNSName::getRawLabels()` as a string. The constructor then tried to handle
escaped characters from the string, resulting in a different `DNSName` than the
expected one. This caused the `qname != begin` condition to be false even after
every label in `labelsToAdd` had been added, causing an UB by calling
`std::vector::back()` on an empty vector.
Using `DNSName::prependRawLabel()` instead prevents this issue since the string is
not escaped.

(cherry picked from commit 754914f)
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1 parent 49077a2 commit 0f707cd8e8d9c786b968f643a5f30f399918aaae @rgacogne rgacogne committed Dec 19, 2016
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@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ vector<DNSName> getZoneCuts(const DNSName& begin, const DNSName& end, DNSRecordO
// The shortest name is assumed to a zone cut
while(qname != begin) {
- qname = DNSName(labelsToAdd.back()) + qname;
+ qname.prependRawLabel(labelsToAdd.back());
bool foundCut = false;
auto records = dro.get(qname, (uint16_t)QType::NS);

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