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drop unused ignore-rd-bit flag

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1 parent c159204 commit 2125dac548d4639014b02533cc4b50c079e03783 @Habbie Habbie committed May 17, 2013
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@@ -2069,7 +2069,6 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
::arg().set("etc-hosts-file", "Path to 'hosts' file")="/etc/hosts";
::arg().set("serve-rfc1918", "If we should be authoritative for RFC 1918 private IP space")="";
::arg().set("lua-dns-script", "Filename containing an optional 'lua' script that will be used to modify dns answers")="";
- ::arg().setSwitch( "ignore-rd-bit", "Assume each packet requires recursion, for compatibility" )= "off";
::arg().setSwitch( "disable-edns-ping", "Disable EDNSPing" )= "no";
::arg().setSwitch( "disable-edns", "Disable EDNS" )= "";
::arg().setSwitch( "disable-packetcache", "Disable packetcache" )= "no";

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