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honor SOA-EDIT while considering "empty IXFR" fallback, fixes #1835

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1 parent 486869e commit 535f4e31bcbf2a342069de729005aefa99454085 @Habbie Habbie committed Oct 21, 2014
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@@ -1008,7 +1008,10 @@ int TCPNameserver::doIXFR(shared_ptr<DNSPacket> q, int outsock)
return 0;
- if (!rfc1982LessThan(serial, sd.serial)) {
+ string soaedit;
+ dk.getFromMeta(target, "SOA-EDIT", soaedit);
+ if (!rfc1982LessThan(serial, calculateEditSOA(sd, soaedit))) {
TSIGRecordContent trc;
string tsigkeyname, tsigsecret;

2 comments on commit 535f4e3


I think this fix introduce a need to have domainmetadata table avaliable in sql. We don't use dnssed and didn't know about this table.

Habbie commented on 535f4e3 Dec 1, 2014


what makes you think this fix introduced that need? Are you seeing a specific failure? Note that the domainmetadata table has been mandatory since 3.4.0, see

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