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drop no-op flag strict-rfc-axfrs, thanks Jelte

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1 parent f3d8902 commit 5fff0840184a696418780eca426ea8ff8ed86831 @Habbie Habbie committed Jun 13, 2013
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@@ -95,7 +95,6 @@ void declareArguments()
::arg().setSwitch("slave","Act as a slave")="no";
::arg().setSwitch("master","Act as a master")="no";
::arg().setSwitch("guardian","Run within a guardian process")="no";
- ::arg().setSwitch("strict-rfc-axfrs","Perform strictly rfc compliant axfrs (very slow)")="no";
::arg().setSwitch("send-root-referral","Send out old-fashioned root-referral instead of ServFail in case of no authority")="no";
::arg().setSwitch("prevent-self-notification","Don't send notifications to what we think is ourself")="yes";
::arg().setSwitch("webserver","Start a webserver for monitoring")="no";

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