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fix yahttp copy in dist-recursor for BSD cp

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1 parent b798618 commit cc81d90c735d5b5293675afcdb27bd12eaf0cb7a @Habbie Habbie committed Jun 3, 2014
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@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ mkdir -p $DIRNAME/ext/polarssl-1.3.2/include/polarssl
cp -a ext/polarssl-1.3.2/include/polarssl/config.h ext/polarssl-1.3.2/include/polarssl/aes.h ext/polarssl-1.3.2/include/polarssl/padlock.h $DIRNAME/ext/polarssl-1.3.2/include/polarssl
mkdir -p $DIRNAME/ext/polarssl-1.3.2/library
cp -a ext/polarssl-1.3.2/library/aes.c ext/polarssl-1.3.2/library/padlock.c $DIRNAME/ext/polarssl-1.3.2/library
-cp -a ext/yahttp/ $DIRNAME/ext/
+cp -a ext/yahttp/ $DIRNAME/ext/yahttp
mkdir $DIRNAME/rrd
cp tools/rrd/{create,update,makegraphs,index.html} $DIRNAME/rrd
cp dnslabeltext.rl $DIRNAME

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