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I have a BIND zone with the following record in it (note the embedded '\010'):

dig @ txt
;; ANSWER SECTION:        60  IN  TXT "Yet another AVM\010No wide fritz."

The zone is correctly AXFRd to a PowerDNS (r2177) with gmysql back-end:

*************************** 2. row ***************************
         id: 239381
  domain_id: 16
       type: TXT
    content: "Yet another AVM
No wide fritz."
        ttl: 60
       prio: 0
change_date: NULL
  ordername: dcbkhqbpvfjsif62014mfm2ra9lpckhv
       auth: 1

The column in hex:

select hex(content) from records where domain_id = 16 and type = 'txt' and id = 239381;
*************************** 1. row ***************************
hex(content): 2259657420616E6F746865722041564D0A4E6F207769646520667269747A2E22

When I query PowerDNS for this record, I get a

;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: SERVFAIL, id: 40997

and the pdns console shows

pdns[22336]: Exception: Unable to parse DNS TXT '"Yet another AVM No wide fritz."'
pdns[22336]: Exception building answer packet (Unable to parse DNS TXT '"Yet another AVM No wide fritz."') sending out servfail

and an attempt to AXFR out aborts after the first rrsig:         60  IN  SOA localhost. root.localhost. 2179 10800 3600 604800 3600         60  IN  RRSIG   SOA 8 2 60 20110505000000 20110421000000 40533 aelURQouQ11aKrPxSYwVQwysn0/Wh7mvpsNEaHP6F8xcK3g8iOKtUhdB Ff/+42Lc5leEVwoflbkqfJ9fNnVK9Xxl9lGwyfIA5SpwtC99gZhiUUS2 qLi9a9dLgrSVcpqpd/zuJJa4Ee7xxoU9Q2e1KUEa4cn9cuTIiBn30r5z yqazRgI1VY1sy0ef7JOamynwKB+WEC+a+dY2QI/jb55+xH/I1BDGA+ZJ XKvUFjDFTeivifgAh7UODYP/zuFcAiWJ9dBPtbeXawodSAqZVcwcuLcv Tqz3x7Zgd0QAD16K459PW4+gBfncxUpRL/099o3vcPe55dOgptFJ/2uD alpzTA==
;; communications error to end of file

and pdns displays

pdns[22336]: TCP Connection Thread died because of STL error: Reading from socket in Signing Pipe loop: Connection reset by peer
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Author: ahu
quick fix in 2207

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