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Habbie commented Apr 18, 2016 edited

This branch expands ALIAS to the backend A/AAAA on AXFR. It also adds some testing (but the DNSSEC tests are broken because of it).

  • make ALIAS expansion in AXFR optional (yes/no/reject, default to reject I think) (implemented without reject)
  • make AXFR abort when the lookups yield anything other than a -very- clear result (either 'data' or 'very clear NXDOMAIN/NODATA')
  • investigate report of wildcard ALIAS leading to three identical A records in expansion
  • finish #3808
  • #3831 was caused by us punting a query to nproxy even if the client was TCP. Need to fix this.
  • move ALIAS testing records from to a smaller zone that we -do- check in verify-dnssec-zone

Thanks @Habbie! This is going to be very useful for a lot of people :-)

Can you explain the semantics of make ALIAS expansion in AXFR optional? I think you mean:

  • yes: Expand ALIAS records into the underlying A/AAAA values, failing the AXFR whenever the underlying A/AAAA records cannot be resolved
  • no: Send ALIAS records as ALIAS records
  • reject: Refuse to AXFR zones that contain ALIAS records

Is that correct?

Habbie commented Apr 18, 2016

Hi Nick, yes, that is my thinking for the three options! Note that for 'reject' the refusal may come halfway and thus in the behavioural sense that will be like 'failing the AXFR' on the yes side of things. Client are expected to deal with this by not replacing their local copy of the zone at all.

Habbie commented May 3, 2016

@nickmarden I have added the flag but it's a bool for now, missing the refuse option. Does that seem fine to you?


Sounds great to me. I'd definitely be using the yes value, not the refuse value :-)


@Habbie, I see that a related issue is tagged auth-4.0.0, but I was wondering if there is an ETA for this PR to be on PowerDNS master?

Habbie commented May 5, 2016

@nickmarden as I may have mentioned to you (or not), the getaddrinfo-based infrastructure in this PR is unreliable, it does not tell me the difference between 'everything is terrible' and 'name does not exist'. To fix this, I have done some refactoring in #3802 so the ALIAS code can also use a reliably resolver. This was merged a few days ago, and I need to update this PR to use that code. After that (should be sometime next week) I feel we can merge this as it will make everything just a lot better. There are some nits on #3808, and for ALIAS purposes the 'this seems optimistic' bullet (currently the 4th one) in #3808 might be relevant, but that's incremental work.

TLDR I hope to finish and merge this PR sometime next week :)


OK thanks @Habbie - I now understand the dependencies and timeline better. Godspeed!

@pieterlexis pieterlexis added this to the auth-4-alpha3 milestone May 9, 2016
Habbie commented May 9, 2016

Expecting travis to go green any second. Reviews welcome. Note that not all bullets at the top have been fixed - this is fine, they will go into a new ticket. As far as I can tell this PR is a strong improvement over the existing situation and more polish will be applied after user testing.


@Habbie I'm not sufficiently familiar with the PowerDNS internals to offer useful commentary on most of the code changes, but the new option outgoing-axfr-expand-alias is exactly as we've discussed and so I give that a hearty 👍

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