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debian-authoritative Build pkgs against LuaJit (where available) Apr 18, 2017
debian-dnsdist Build pkgs against LuaJit (where available) Apr 18, 2017
debian-recursor Don't build with SNMP on Debian Stretch Jul 4, 2017
jenkins Remove the geobackend Jun 15, 2015 Update README Jun 10, 2015
build-auth-debian Fix build dependencies for Ubuntu Yakkety Oct 14, 2016
build-auth-rpm add 3.4.0_to_4.1.0_schema.mysql.sql to backend-mysql rpm Jun 15, 2017
build-dnsdist-debian Remove dnsdist service file on trusty May 10, 2016
build-dnsdist-rpm No net-snmp nor luajit on SLES Apr 18, 2017
build-recursor-debian recursor: Add multi-instance unit-file Jun 1, 2016
build-recursor-rpm Build pkgs against LuaJit (where available) Apr 18, 2017
dist-dnsdist dnsdist: Build manpages from make Jan 13, 2016
dist-recursor Autotoolize the recursor Jan 19, 2016
git-to-changelog portablize May 1, 2015
git-to-changelog-merges Parse backport titles for changelog Sep 6, 2016
jenkins-driver Be explicit about versions (v2) May 9, 2013
make-jenkins-version fix branch snapshot build detection in build-scripts/make-jenkins-ver… May 28, 2013
set-version-auth remove test specs from dist and build scripts Aug 24, 2015
set-version-recursor remove test specs from dist and build scripts Aug 24, 2015
test-auth Tell the tests where to find zone2json Apr 28, 2017
test-recursor Add script to print logs after failure Jun 7, 2016
test-recursor-bulk Switch from HTTP to HTTPS whenever possible Nov 7, 2016 Add new Authoritative Server documentation. Jul 18, 2017

Build Script for PowerDNS

The scripts in this directory are used by the folks at PowerDNS to build packages. This README will give a small walkthrough of important files.

All build-* must be run from the root folder of the pdns repository to ensure their correct functionality.


These scripts build (based on the suffix) a package of the authoritative server. Either RPM's (for several different RHEL-based distro's), .deb's (for Debian Jessie only at the moment) or statically compiled RPM's and deb's.


Based on suffix, hese scripts build a deb/RPM package for the Recursor. There is also a semi-static build script.


Idem, these scripts allow one to build packages from a dnsdist distribution directory.


These directories contain the debian/ directory used by the debhelper programs to create the packages. These are copied by the build-* scripts when needed.


These scripts are more or less private - feel free to edit them, but even more than the rest of PowerDNS, the contents of this directory are not guaranteed to work for you.

Some scripts contain preset paths and have many many dependencies on installed software.