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This page describes the PowerDNS Server AXFR functionality and how to configure it.

Please note that not all PowerDNS Server backends support primary and secondary support, see if your favorite backend supports those at the appendix sections A1 through A13 at .

General documentation on Primary and Secondary support is available at


Don't forget to enable primary-support by saying primary=yes in pdns.conf or PowerDNS Server will not send NOTIFYs whenever you change/update a zone.

In Primary mode PowerDNS Server will send NOTIFYs to all Nameservers that are listed as NS records in the Zone if it is a Primary Zone.


Don't forget to enable secondary-support by saying "secondary=yes" in pdns.conf or PowerDNS Server will not poll Primary Nameservers for SOA changes or accept NOTIFYs from them.

In Secondary mode PowerDNS Server listens for NOTIFYs from the primary IP for zones that are configured as secondary zones and will also periodically check for SOA serial number changes at the primary.


Enter any Frequently Asked Questions and Answers here please!

Q: Can PowerDNS Server act as Secondary and Primary at the same time?

A: Yes totally, enable both by saying yes to primary and secondary in pdns.conf.

Q: How can I limit Zone Transfers (AXFR) per Domain?

A: Starting with release 3.1, see .