Regression tests

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The PowerDNS Source repository includes different types of regression tests.

Authoritative tests, backend specific

To add tests, head on to pdns/regression-tests and study the contents of the directories under tests. To add a new one, simply generate a directory for it, a 'command' file and a 'description' file.

To run the regression tests, run the following in the regression-tests directory:

nameserver= port=5300 ./runtests

You'll now find a real_result file in your new directory. Check if the results are ok, and if so, copy this file to expected_result. Run the tests again, and you'll see them reported as a success this time.

The syntax above expects a PowerDNS running on port 5300, btw. You need to start powerdns with the named.conf as found in the regression-tests directory, or feed it through zone2sql if you want to test the sql backends. has current information on running tests.

When you write new tests, please open a pull request with your changes.


sdig is not a dig replacement, but it does always generate the exact same output, even if the bind people add new features or change their layout. I have no beef with them, my and their needs are just different.

To compile sdig, run make sdig (requires the boost C++ header files).

sdig can be run as follows:

$ sdig 5300 ANY

As it is not really meant for human use, the query type at the end is case sensitive! You also can't omit any parameters.