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This page lists third party projects that enhance PowerDNS in some way. A listing here is not an endorsement.

  • Micetro by Men&Mice (closed source):

    Micetro by Men&Mice is an overlay management solution that builds sustainable, non-intrusive, integrated DNS, DHCP and IPAM bridges on top of existing DNS and DHCP network infrastructure, thereby enabling advanced management of multiple DNS and DHCP servers in homogenous or mixed environments without the need for disrupting or replacing existing network infrastructure.

  • PowerDNS DynDNS API (open source):

    The PowerDNS DynDNS API is a simple tool to use your existing PowerDNS structure with standard widely available DynDNS clients.

  • PowerGSLB (open source):

    Simple DNS based Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solution.

  • PowerDNS Records Exporter (open source):

    Tool to export PowerDNS records database in several ways (bind zone format, metrics for prometheus)

  • PyRar - EPP Domain Name Registrar System (open source):

    Open source Domain Name Registrar System with integrated PowerDNS for hosting/editing/maintaining client domain's DNS, inc DNSSEC. Currently (Jan-2023) this project is still being developed, but is close to complete & has a live demo. It consists of a Python rest/ai & processing engine with a JS front-end.

    It can also act as a simple Domain Name Registry and supports back-end plug-ins for adding other domain name registry systems, e.g. blockchain.

Please also see the separate list of 'pure' web frontends.