Yak list

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With reference to https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/yak_shaving, sometimes somebody will run into something that 'could be nicer' but does not warrant an issue ticket. Instead, we note those things here. Pull requests fixing these things are welcomed! Feel free to add to this list.

The yaks are numbered so a PR can easily reference them.. Please use ~bla bla~ to strike out finished items, adding 'PR #1234after the closing~`.

  • (auth at least) ./configure --help has alignment issues PR #7005
  • (all products) 15:10Z <lieter> another yak I have with confige is our inconsistent use of --enable-X and --with-X 15:11Z <lieter> --enable are _our_ programs's options and --with-X should be external deps PR #7026
  • (auth at least) README has instructions for Debian 8.0, should not say '.0' and should be updated for 9 PR #7027
  • recursor and dnsdist rely on symlinks into the 'main' pdns source tree. Travis should check for dangling symlinks. PR #7028
  • figure out Travis/python/SSL warnings and do something about them
  • generally improve quality of Travis logging output
  • in 49f72da134c234603abc5d270f73ea6191dceeff, we imported timegm from dietlibc, presumably(!) because Solaris does not have it. Figure out if that is still relevant today, otherwise, get rid of it.
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