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ADD automated dev environement installer for Ubuntu

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1 parent a62c32e commit 1a297d558fb992e12cd0e4377ad535ce0a5351d6 @PowerKiKi committed Nov 22, 2010
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+PATH_POLUKILI=`dirname $0`
+# (inspired by "official instructions":
+# Install system tools
+sudo apt-get install git subversion
+# Install devkitpro
+echo "export DEVKITPRO=/opt/devkitpro" >> ~/.bashrc
+echo "export DEVKITPPC=\$DEVKITPRO/devkitPPC" >> ~/.bashrc
+sudo mkdir -p $DEVKITPRO
+sudo chmod 777 $DEVKITPRO
+tar -xvjf devkitPPC_r22-i686-linux.tar.bz2
+mkdir libogc
+cd libogc/
+tar -xvjf libogc-1.8.5.tar.bz2
+tar -xvjf libfat-ogc-1.0.7.tar.bz2
+cd ..
+mkdir -p examples/wii
+cd examples/wii/
+tar -xvjf wii-examples-20100930.tar.bz2
+cd ..
+# Install portlibs
+mkdir -p $DEVKITPRO/portlibs/ppc
+cd $DEVKITPRO/portlibs/ppc/
+tar -xvjf mxml-2.6-ppc.tar.bz2
+# Install GRRLIB
+mkdir -p $PATH_GRRLIB
+svn checkout $PATH_GRRLIB
+make all install
+# Compile polukili

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