Migrate Redmine project from one instance of Redmine to another one
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Redmine migrator

This script migrate Redmine project from one instance of Redmine to another one. It will import the following objects:

  • project
  • categories
  • versions
  • issues
  • journals
  • logged time
  • documents
  • news
  • watchers
  • attachment
  • wikis & wiki_pages & wike_contents & wiki_content_versions
  • boards & messages
  • modules status (wether it is active for the project)

It relies on manual mapping for users, priorities, statuses and trackers as they should already exist in target database.

All modifications of the target database are live. So it is strongly advised to test against a dummy database first.


  1. update manual mapping (see $usersMapping, $prioritiesMapping, $statusMapping and $trackersMapping)
  2. update database connection data and project ID to migrate
  3. run the script