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Yopyop is a CMS written in php+mysql. It focus on “semantic web” (tags, nice url) and includes a calendar.


  1. create a database with help of sql/yopyop.sql
  2. copy include/init/config-sample.php to include/init/config.php and edit it
  3. give write access to following directories: (eg: chmod o+w include/tpl/templates_c/ )
    1. include/tpl/templates_c/
    2. htdocs/utile/images/divers/
    3. htdocs/utile/images/divers/moyennes/
    4. htdocs/utile/images/divers/perso/
    5. htdocs/utile/images/divers/vignettes/
  4. default login and password is “admin” and “soleil”